The Yearning Heart

By Cindy Tuttle

What is it you yearn for
What is it your heart needs
Look within and ask
your heart and soul

Your soul has a home
and longs to be with it’s creator
Your heart longs to be united
with the heart of Jesus

When we look deep within
we find a need to be
at home with Jesus
That is where we find peace

Jesus is where there
is compassion and
understanding of our
pain and joys

Jesus is our all in all
We can open ourselves
totally to him
He has full access

It is a joyful surrender
A willing and open
heart is all he desires
A heart longing for his love

Come to him
with your yearning
heart and soul
There you will find your home

I have a book published called Joyful Surrender, which is a memoir of how I overcame sexual abuse with God’s help. I have a book that is going to be published called Joining in the Dance of Life. Feel free to visit my website, which is My e-mail is


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