I am Special and have a Unique Gift

By Fenny West

Prayer (The Gift of God)

Father, I thank You that You called me even from my mother’s womb and equipped me for Your service I thank You for the unique gift that You have deposited into this jar of clay.

Help me, Lord, to discover this gift acknowledge it, hone it, develop it and use it for your glory. I will not prostitute this gift, but use it to build Your Body and praise Your Name. I thank You that I have a place in your Body to use the gift. Lord, open my eyes to see it and plug me into that place, mighty God.

I thank You that ‘eye has not seen ear has not heard, neither has it entered in to the heart of man what God has prepare’ for me. But Your Spirit will unveil it and every eye shall see and give glory to You.

I choose to this day to think in line with Your word and prepare myself for the day of Your glory and your power.

Help me Lord, to live a life that will match the gift and to use the gift where I am (even if it is my closet). I trust You to open doors that no man can shut, in Jesus Name. Amen.

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