By Angela Willingham

EM Bounds said, “It is greatly to be feared that much of the work of the church is being done by those who are perfect strangers to the prayer closet. No wonder the work does not succeed.” Can the same statement be made about what we do with our personal lives? Have we as Christians accepted the call that has been left for us in the prayer closet? Have we prayed? Have we boldly spoken up when God instructed us to through the moving of The Holy Spirit? Have we shirked our responsibilities, at home, church work and play?

The other day I was outside stressed out because of the over abundance of weeds in my yard. I had the weed killer in my hand attempting to kill those nasty weeds. The spray would not come out. I cried out to the Lord, “I have to get this done.” The Lord, spoke back to me, “Do something different.” I went into the garage and changed the nozzle on the spray bottle. The weed killer immediately began to come out and spray the weeds. I began to see changes in the yard as soon as the next day. Would the change have come if I had not made a change?

Have you tried to do it your way, to lose the weight, to reconcile your relationships, to deal with that nasty anger problem or to get past your feelings of low self esteem or rejection and nothing seems to change? Have you called your friends and you still have no power? Are your relationships out of control? Are you still waiting for God to move in some area of your life, in your family, the city, state or even in this nation with no results?

In Jeremiah 33:3, the bible says, “Call to Me and I will answer you, and will tell you great and hidden things that you have not known.”

In James 5:16, the bible says, “the prayer of the righteous is powerful and effective.”

If you are ready for a change, it is time to do something different. Increase your time of prayer. It is time to start praying about what we have been talking about and put God to work. Yes, I can eat like I am supposed to. Yes, I can exercise on a regular basis. Yes, I can speak to that person that hurt me 15 years ago. Yes, I can smile when I feel like giving up, because I know that my future and everything about me is in God’s hands.

What is it that you need to do differently?

If you have never read the book “The Weapon of Prayer” by EM Bounds, we recommend it. Join us and do something different. Let’s deal with our holistic fitness from God’s perspective, with His vision, wisdom, insight and humility. It is time to do it God’s way.


Jeremiah 33:3, the bible says, “Call to Me and I will answer you, and will tell you great and hidden things that you have not known.”

Angela Willingham, CEO New Beginnings Holistic Fitness Ministries, Inc.

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