A prayer of guidance

By tolulope Oluokun

God guide me,
Lead my every step,
May I not do that which will be displeasing to you.

God guide me,
Keep me from evil men,
May my every step be ordered to where I ought to be.

God guide me,
Fill me with your will,
May my ways be aligned to your path for me in life.

Lord guide me,
Be my shepherd,
Lead me in the path of life
That I may be an example for others to follow.

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1 comment

  1. I really need guidance.
    I have been working on building a church. And I am having difficulty in keeping people in.
    I believe God has called me for such a purpose. The fact is, I’ve been trying unsuccessfully to allow God to add to the church. I don’t know, this has caused me to question my true calling.