Pray With Out Ceasing

By Susan Darling

There are a great many Christians out there that think, just to pray at night just before you go to bed is all that God wants from us. But the truth of the matter is, He wants our memories all day long. Just in the same manner you think of your lover all day long. He refers us as his brides. He is in love with us. Are we in love with Him? Some times in our lives we feel God is a million miles away and doesn’t really care about us anyway. But the truth of the matter is, are we a million miles away from Him? Are we so full of ourselves that we don’t even try to contemplate the wonder, and love of a God like ours, in a child like manner.

When we speak to Him do we just call Him, God. Do we make attempts to call him my love, my one and only, my all! Most of us don’t. We see God so distantly because of self love most of the time. We usually just looking at all the bad things and not trying to think of the glorious things, Our Sweet God has done for us. When you are down next time, try to praise Him with all the sweetest names, you can think of and thank Him of all the wonderful things He has done for you, and see if that shifts your moods. Chances are you will feel a lot closer to God and you will feel much more loved by Him too.


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