Help Me Oh Lord!

By Cindie York

Come quickly, Lord and answer me, for my depression deepens. Don’t turn from me or I will surely die.

Show me where to walk that I may not stumble. May Your gracious Spirit lead me forward on firm footing.

In Your righteousness, bring me out of this distress and shower me with Your compassion and tender mercy.

Lord, pour out Your cup of blessing and grant me the joy of Your presence.

Lord, You know the hopes of the helpless, surely You will listen to my cries and comfort me. You will bring justice to those oppressed. You are glorious dear Lord.

You are the one who lifts our heads in time of utter despair. In our very hour of desperation, send joy for sadness, and laughter for tears.

Send abundance of harvest when drought and famine abound on every side. Let the smile of Your face shine upon me.

Help me not to live a life of distress, but replace heartache with hope. Allow me to feel Your embrace in times of loneliness and do not allow misery to prevail.

Give me guidance to light the path ahead. Encourage me with Your word, revive me, and show me Your love and kindness.

In Your unfailing love, spare life, and teach me to trust in You. Open my eyes to Your wonderful promises that have been fogged by doubt.

Lift the heavy burdens that have me bent beneath the load, and frustrate the plans of the enemy. Heal my broken heart and bind my wounds. Set this prisoner free who has been shackled by worry and fear. Refresh Your weary servant. Send Your Spirit to hover and penetrate those areas of depression and oppression, that I may be saturated with comfort that only You can provide.

Give me victory over the enemy with Your strong right arm. Break and bind any stronghold the enemy has unleashed and send them straight back to the pits of hell from where they came. Rebuke the fury and devices of the enemy, remove fear and anxiety dear Lord and help me to lie down in peace and security. Replace evil with good.

Remove me from the mire of despair and discontentment and allow me not to sink deeper into this pit.

Oh God, listen to my cry! Hear my prayer! I cry unto You for help because my heart is overwhelmed and I trust that only You can provide relief.

Rescue Your beloved child dear Lord, have pity on me, satisfy me, and give me gladness in proportion to my former misery.

Let everyone see Your miracles and Your glory at work. Show me Your approval and make my efforts successful. Set the bountiful table before me that I may feast on Your blessings of grace and love.

Lord, I give you thanks for hearing my prayer in times of trouble and turmoil. You are an awesome, all powerful God and with You all things are possible.

Lord, I love you and give You praise for I know that in my hour of distress that You are present and will not leave me comfortless.

Thank You heavenly Father, for You are worthy of all praise and may You forever be glorified!

In Jesus precious name, amen.

I have been a Christian for 19 years. I am one of the Sunday School teachers at our local church. I enjoy Bible study and growing in the knowledge of God’s word. I literally want to soak up God’s Word like a sponge.


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