Light of Hope

By Cindy Tuttle

Jesus, you have been
my beacon of hope
since I was born
Your light always leading me

Even in the dark
your light reflects your path
Even in the worst of pain
your light shines bright

Sometimes your light
is shining in nature or people
Sometimes your light shines
in the silence within me

How can I thank you
for lighting my way
How can I give the
light you have given me

I ask that each day
I be a beacon of hope
for anyone who is hurting
I realize I can not do this alone

I ask Jesus that you help me
and together we can
be a light of hope
helping others in their need

I have a book published called Joyful Surrender, which is a memoir of how I overcame sexual abuse with God’s help. I have a book that is going to be published called Joining in the Dance of Life. Feel free to visit my website, which is My e-mail is


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