Heart after Your Heart, like David’s

By Fenny West

Lord, my heart is your garden

A place to be better than Eden

Place purchased with your blood

Where I cherish what I heard

Where I nourish with your word.

O that I will keep it open to you

Make it a place for separation

Consecration- not an open common.

But walled, hedged in with the word.

O that it will not be a wilderness

Wild with worldly wares, tares and cares,

But a place of peace, beauty, serenity

Blooming and bubbling with You.

O that it will be a place of growth

In grace and the knowledge of the Lord

Yielded to Jesus, the Husbandman

And the Holy Spirit, the Holy Dew.

O that my heart will be a place

Of holy divine retirement and refreshment,

A place of your manifest presence and essence-

Three in One- Father, Son and Spirit.

Keep the gate of my heart, O Lord.

O that it’ll see the sweet showers

Of your grace, new every morning.

Triggering the choicest, rarest

Unspeakable bloom of roses and lilies;

A place imitating Mary and not Martha;

A heart after Your heart, like David’s.

Inspired by C.H. Spurgeon’s devotional

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