The Distributed Homeless System

If one person out of twenty did one small thing to accommodate the homeless of their community, most homelessness would be eliminated!

The Distributed Homeless System is a concept that recruits thousands of people spread throughout our communities to take on a small part of the homelessness challenge. Unlike government-based solutions that solve nothing, DHS provides local community members with control and the authority to replace the hand out with a hand up. DHS seeks to release those trapped in the government handout vortex of despair to productivity and self esteem, to identify those who refuse to accept the principle of community living, and to mitigate the damage to society that those people cause.

Our belief is that any direction you bring a homeless person that leads to GOD is the direction up. Without Jesus, the homeless, just like the rest of us, are without hope. Most social causes of homelessness can be remedied through a relationship with Christ. When a homeless person comes to Christ, he or she learns forgiveness and appreciation, the value of hard work, and love for others. The homeless person who comes to Christ learns the hardest lesson of all, a respect for authority, their boss, their government and GOD.

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