Our Heart Longs for an Intimate Relationship with God

What does it mean to be in an Intimate Relationship?

An intimate relationship refers to a very close interpersonal relationship. Some of the characteristics of an intimate relationship are:

  • Complete Trust in each other
  • Desire to be with each other
  • Dependent on one another
  • Love each other
  • Share experiences together
  • Emotional attachment
  • You feel fulfilled when your are together
  • Communicate with each other

In order to have an intimate relationship with another you have to love that person. God has placed in each one of us a deep desire to love and to be loved. When we as Christians think of someone that truly Loved God and had an intimate relationship with God we think of David. David was looked upon by God as a man after His own Heart.

In Psalm 61, David shows us some of the characteristics of his intimate relationship with God.

1 Hear my cry, O God; Attend unto my prayer. 2 From the end of the earth will I call unto thee, when my heart is overwhelmed: Lead me to the rock that is higher than I. 3 For thou hast been a refuge for me, A strong tower from the enemy. (Psalm 61: 1-3)

David’s dependency upon God. Verse 1 and 2 show us that David solely relied on God as anyone would that was intimate with God. He depended upon God to hear his cry and to answer his prayers when he was hurting.

Shared Experiences Together. David has cried unto the Lord in the past and God has been their for him as we see in verse 3. The Lord has heard David’s cry many times in the past and has answered his prayers.

David’s trust in God.  The fact that David already had experiences with God in the past where God was his refuge and protected him from his enemies, gave David the confidence that he could trust God to help him in his present troubles.

God’s Love for David. Love is an action and is not an emotion. We can not say that we love someone and do nothing good for them. In verse 3 we see that God has shown his love to David by providing him protection from his enemies.

About the Author:
Dwayne McLean is the editor, publisher and author of various Christian Articles on the People Get Ready website.

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  1. armie Godly says:

    Hi Im marie Godly, Im so encourage about your article.I have also a deep desire to know more about our Lord Jesus!! I want to have an intimate relationship with the Lord!! Can you share some more about this article.? by the way I just also want to ask you about my dreams. I dreamed that a certain man of God prayed for me in my dream and while He is praying for me, I did’nt noticed that the jacket He was wearing, it already transferred to me. what is this means? than He me imediately disappeared infront of me and I found my self standing wearng his jacket.

  2. Roy says:

    I don’t not know what the dream means. Perhaps a transferring of some kind. Maybe a self conscious transfer of a anointing maybe? But what I do know is that you can have a personal close relationship with the Lord at anytime. No matter where you are in your life you can always call upon the Lord and ask Him you come and be a part of your life in a more personal way. If you seek the Lord you will find Him. It’s only a matter of how hard you want to seek Him. All you have to do is ask Him to come into your life and change your life for the better. Believe and have faith that He died and saved you from your sins. Make God your number one and put your faith and life into His hands. Then truly allow God to transform and change your life into something that He wants. Allow Christ to become number one in your life. King David had such a great relationship with God simply because he SPENT time with his Lord. David had a heart like Gods because David knew how Gods heart was. The Lord wasn’t just something David prayed to, or read about ,or heard about through others…. David KNEW God and realize just how important God was in his life just like we all need to. Without a relationship with our creator, there is no point to life. So I encourage you. Allow God you be number one and truly seek God as David did. He loves you now matter what and always will. We just need to understand and see it! :)