The Truck

By Robert Kiser

Not long after I became a Christian I had decided to spend a semester at Calvary Chapel Bible School down in Southern California.

As I made my plans and started saving the money needed to go I had a friend named Jack that tried to talk me out of it. He kept telling me that this Christianity thing was just a phase I was going through. Don’t waste your money he would argue; use it for something worthwhile.

I ignored his advice and when I had saved enough for a semester I enrolled and was on my way. I had decided to leave my truck at home and take the bus down to Southern California.

After Bible school was over I came back home and found that my truck would not start. Now Jack was pretty good about working on cars so I asked him for some help. We worked on the truck all day and could not figure out why it refused to start.

Jack finally gave up and went home. Not long after he had left my Pastor Earl Best from Provolt Community Church came by. Earl told me he heard I was back and just wanted to stop by and see how I was doing and how my time at Bible School went.

I told him everything was great except my truck would not start. Earl told me he had a toolbox in his truck and would be glad to help me with it. I objected telling him that my friend Jack and I had already spent the whole day working on it and got nowhere.

Earl insisted that it couldn’t hurt so I said ok. Earl got out his toolbox and set it next to my truck. Then Earl asked me if I had prayed about it. Reluctantly I admitted that that had not occurred to me. So Earl suggested that we get down on our knees and pray. After we prayed Earl suggested that I get in the truck and start it up.

I remember looking at him like he was nuts. As if that was really going to work, but I did as he said and much to my surprise the truck started immediately with no problem at all. Earl smiled and quietly put his toolbox back in his truck said goodbye and left.

Thrilled that my truck was working I decided to drive down to Applegate store. I ran into Jack at the store who came over asking me what was wrong with the truck and how did I fix it? I told Jack that I did not know what was wrong with the truck.

Jack looked at me with a rather puzzled look and asked again. How did you fix it? So I told jack about how the Pastor came over and suggested we pray about it and then the truck started right up.

Jack was speechless! He also quit teasing me about being a Christian and trying to convince me it was all in my head. I believe that that particular answered prayer was for both me and Jack.
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