He is My Sunny Day

By Kathleen Angell

Some time ago, I had been going through really difficult times mentally.

Most of my life my emotions had been low, and this particular year had seen many difficulties, and I was in a particular low, a darker time than I had known in many, many years, if ever. Both in situations, and also within myself. I had no where to go inside.

I was sitting and writing one day, and I heard the Lord speak to me. I hadn’t heard him in so long, but I knew it was him. It was an inner voice, but with it came a wonderful change and joy.

He said to me that he was my Sunny Day.

I had been writing to someone about the weather here in Oregon. All my life I grew up where it was hot and sunny and I was known to love sunniness. Weather that was hot didn’t bother me, I just loved it.

I was affected by moving here because it is always rainy, and I was speaking about this to someone in a letter.

It had cast a darkness and gloom over me, the weather, but the Lord with that word, split it aside.

The weather, the natural weather became the happiest thing in my life. The more rain, the happier I felt. I loved it.

Dark for days? No problem, I loved it.

The weirder, the hazier, the gloomier, the sweeter it became for me, as that word remained in me, and I knew the natural weather was not my sunniness, Jesus was.

And it was a lot more than just knowing that, he made it that way.

It’s now about a year later. I woke up this morning with the Sunshine of Jesus Christ all over me. The joy of the Lord filled my being.

I thought, oh Lord, what it is like for people that don’t know you. More than that, I felt for people, I felt what it is like for people who do not know Jesus, and as I lay in my bed upon awakening, I knew what it is like for people who are blessed with his precious presence.

The Light of God surrounds me. The Sunshine fills my air. Dew and mist gently are there.

More than anything, Jesus is my Sunny Day and today as I see him there, his light, his presence, it is a wonderfully Sunshiney Day.

I can feel his warmth all over me. Warmth and healing, peace and joy. I know if there is anything wrong, it is okay, it is in his hands. I am utterly at peace as if basking in the sun, without a care in the world, peacefully resting and getting my rays.

When I felt the Lord that way, I could realize how people who don’t know him, need him. So I wanted to write about life with him.

Life without him is a dark and gloomy day. Storms without him are furious and turmoil.

But when we have asked Jesus to come into our lives and we believe the best we can and keep turning to him, we’ll see his day. He’ll become our Sunny day.

When the Lord touched my life with his word about him being my Sunny Day, it didn’t take long to figure out that that was the natural day, but also in the day within me.

My moods and emotions, people’s actions and situations, all make up an atmosphere that affects my day.

Life can provide problems on-going that seem like clouds are forever over me, but I am here to tell you that Jesus is all in control of my days.

He is my Light, and the clouds of circumstance part at his appearing.

If they are present, I still know from within who the Sunshine is, and that he will appear, so I always have hope. I praise Him.

It is overcast outside but my joy wells up within me. My Sun shines all around me. My feelings come from him.

He parts the atmosphere of circumstance and we walk out in another Day. And the Light on us is not the circumstances of gloominess, but the Light of our God and his Son, his joy and peace, and healing.

It is okay in my world. My failures are not my burden. The One who made this very Day I am in also has everything else in his hands.

I awoke this morning and am still at wonder of our Wonderful God. That he would give me something so wonderful as his precious presence.

Nothing in my life is worthy of him. Yesterday was a day full of tensions and difficulties and problems.

The clouds he has parted, none of it affects me, and I just find, I love Him. It is not an effort, I can’t help but love Him.

If your life seems to overwhelm you, ask Jesus to come into your life. Ask him to come into your very heart and live there forever.

We give over a life that can not make us happy, and by asking him in, we receive a life that is from him and we share his happiness with him.

We have fellowship with our Creator. And he loves us and he walks with us and we aren’t alone.

Nothing in this world is like that. Jesus is my Sunny Day.

And he didn’t just give himself to me. He gave himself to all of us. I can’t help but want to share about him.

It is not for just a few to know him. I didn’t do anything to deserve the Lord. But he gave himself to me, and to you, and for all of us, and he is there for all of us to turn to no matter what our circumstances are, no matter how big, no matter how we feel about them or ourselves, he wants to share his life with us.

He wants us to come to him. And he wants to be our Sunshining Day

My name is Kathleen Angell.

My life was dramatically changed when the Lord made Himself real to me.

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