Through the Eyes and Heart of Jesus

Have you ever worked or been around someone who is just so nice, kind, generous and always there to help when needed? They are so nice and sweet sometimes it’s almost contemptible! They just ooze of goodness. It’s like, geeeeez you don’t have to be so nice! It’s almost to the point of being totally fake, at least in my small mind.

Well, lately the Lord has really revealed something to me in a way that has just blown me away and brought to realization that the problem is not with that person that’s so nice, sweet, kind and oozing; but with ME. He has shown me that all the thoughts I was having were directly related to my own short comings and quiet frankly, jealousies of the very goodness of their heart. I was so blinded by my own faults and short comings that I couldn’t see the true goodness of another persons Jesus Christ like heart.

When this person would, let’s say, do some of the most seemingly small and unnecessary, things during their day for others, it seemed almost fake and insincere simply due to the fact, as the Lord has pointed out to me, my very own short comings.

All the days I prayed for the Lord to open the eyes of my heart to see and think and do as my precious Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ would, were right in front of me, staring right at me, yet my focus was all out of focus. I was looking at things through my own guilt stained eyes and interpreting things through the same.

It was only after this dear person had an accident and as I was thinking and praying for them that all of this came to light. When I say came to light, I mean it hit me like a wonderful ton of bricks and has changed my whole view point to the very thing I have been praying for. This person really does, at least as far as is humanly possible, see things from the very heart of Jesus Christ. The same Jesus Christ that lives in my heart and the same Jesus Christ that I hope lives in your heart too.

Now when I see this truly Godly person doing or saying things that I once used to think were so fake and uncalled for, I look at them or the situation and see and think about my wonderful, precious, merciful, kind, generous, peaceful, patient and loving Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

This also brings to mind one of my favorite scriptures. In the gospel of Matthew (Matthew 5:16 NIV) it says: “In the same way, let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven.”

While I know that there is so much more that this verse pertains to, this person exemplifies to a tee, just by their daily activities, how important this verse is and has become in my life.

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