Death Defied

By Angela M. Baker-Bridge

From afar, now round your bed

Reminiscing of days gone by

Each remembering a different tale

Buried deep in heart and head

Faced with frailty instead of power

We know not who you are

Only who you used to be

Before this painful hour

We laugh, cry, in silence wait

Whispering in your room

Wondering if you really know

How perilous your fate

Head of silver, skin now pale

Limbs weakened by your pain

We listen as the experts tell

They fear their ways may fail

Gathering round we all pray

Anointing you with oil

God the Father isn’t through

And He will have the final say

Speaking life, singing praise

Reading from His Word

Surrounding you with our love

Planning for future days

We know each life shall die

God’s will we must accept

And feel it’s not yet your time

So now from death please fly

Hope sustained will life renew

Healing rivers still flow

Standing on His promises

This now we claim for you

Daddy as they wheel you out

We won’t bid final goodbyes

But plan our celebration tonight

As others will all, be surprised

From death, we’re snatching you away

As often, you saved our lives

We love you with all our hearts

And thank God you’re ours today


Married to a minister for 30-yrs, Angela has two sons, a daughter-in-law, and two grandsons. She’s passionately creative with a versatile portfolio. Out of hurt and pain, Angela writes from her heart and life. She touches others as she gives God the glory. She married a former pastor in ’03.


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