The Beggar and the King

By Jose Maria Galindo

I was a beggar asking for coins

a poor man that slept in sidewalks

that ate trash and wore dirty rags

My life was miserable and humiliating

my home was a dumpster and few walls

and my possessions were old cans

I used to live alone between rusty pipes

because people felt repulsed of me

until one day you said my name

And suddenly I saw your hand in my chest

and your tears went through my heart

and it tore up in pieces

I felt embarrassed of myself and my condition

but you gave me a long hug

and I wept as I never did before

you told me you were looking for me

that my name was in your book

and that you loved me more than anything

I will never forget that day

it’s still in me every time I see a poor child alone

you gave me a home, a heritage, a treasure and your company

gave me a family, a ministry and friends

I see myself with the suit you gave me

and my eyes can’t conceive it

by grace you gave me a whole new life

Now I go to those streets I used to be

with one mission in my mind

take beggars to your kingdom

no matter the oposition, no matter the consequences

Because I see you in every poor man

and I feel you in every lonely child

I am a servant of the LORD, because he gave me a present I didn’t deserved at all.


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