Transformation Of The Spirit

A true transformation. A dear friend passed about 2 weeks ago. A great man of God. Now as I sat in a Catholic church, listening and hearing what was going on I sensed something familiar. There was no sorrow only peace. I was familiar with a presence I had not been with in years. It was God. To understand I fell away from God over 20 years ago and try as I might I could never get back. I begged and pleaded to no avail. At this point sitting in this church I couldn’t understand why this was happening to me in a Catholic church for the way they believe is not how I believe. That being said it was happening to me. For I came to God this time in love not fear. I praised and worshiped God right there at this funeral. I was renewed in the spirit. For it is not what religion you are, it is the relationship you have.

Any relationship weather with God or man has to be based on unconditional love. I am constantly in the realm of praise and worship.

I have a quick temper so I asked God knowing full well what this could bring. Asked help with my temper. Monday my dogs got to me, my mom fell and injured herself and I had to do what I could. During this I kept telling myself it is God’s will. That bad day being out of the way, Wednesday my wash machine decided it was going to flood the basement. Wall to wall. 3 inches deep. Remembering God in all this I just said God’s will be done. I spent all day and evening cleaning after I had the fire department come out and pump the basement out. Still praising God I went to the hardware store and got a wet vac. Was on my knees for hours getting up what water was left. Spent today doing load after load of clothes and yes still praising God for all this great instruction.

Outcome of all this is I am at peace. I know since I asked the lessons will never be over but through it all I praise God. Good, bad or whatever. I could of not been through all this without his help. The trial on the horizon is the fact that my wife could have stomach or colon cancer. Tempered by the fires of life the steel within me becomes stronger. For greater is he who is in me than he who is in this world. Through all of this I can honestly say, I am happy, satisfied and at peace for it is God’s will.

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