Manifestations that have been Commonly Reported in History


Manifestations that have been commonly reported in meetings throughout the world and throughout church history include falling, laughing, weeping, shaking, “drunkenness,” inability to speak normally, staggering, feeling lightness or heavy weight of glory, loss of strength, eyes fluttering, lips trembling, screaming, groaning, heavy breathing, gold fillings in peoples’ mouths, or gold sparkles on people’s faces, the sensation of wind, heat, electricity, tingling or pain on one’s body to indicate the presence of the Spirit or as tokens of how to minister to people.

Eyelids fluttering or moving rapidly is a common manifestations indicating the presence of the Spirit. Dancing in the Spirit is distinguished from choreographed dancing. Instances of dancing in the Spirit, as seen in the 20th-century Pentecostal revival involved one dancing with their eyes closed without bumping into anyone or anything, being under the direction of the Spirit.

Some bend over backward or forward, blow or puff strongly, uncontrollably jumping up and down or hopping, rolling (i.e., holy rollers). Smelling or tasting good or evil presences, as well as hearing audible voices, receiving prophetic utterances are also experienced.

John Wimber recommended people not refer to sounds as “animal noises” because the person involved is not trying to imitate an animal.

Because some manifestations are in the Scripture, they are repeatable, yet without necessarily being normative. We are not to teach these manifestations as the “main and plain” commandments of Scripture. We are not to teach these as something all must do to be a mature believer.

We are not to teach that specific manifestations are normative experiences that all should seek after. Some manifestations were special acts of the Holy Spirit rather than being normal occurrences. A mighty rushing wind or a building shaking is not common 

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  1. Sarah says:

    All you have posted here is accurate and helpful in the ministries of the Holy Spirit. I myself experiencing all the above for now 6 years. It is love of Our Father G-d to HIS children. Yes, it is for the church (Spirit-filled) and for the coming of days…