Learning To Walk Again

Taking that first step of course is the toughest one to take and as soon as I think I am headed in the right direction I trip. I am finding out that walking in the spirit at times is like learning to walk all over again. I have been tested through events and have learned. Just when I think I can move further I hear 2 contradictory points from 2 pastors on the radio. It was on tithing. One said it is of the old testament and not mentioned in the new. The other said the reverse. Confusion set in. I found no direction. To complicate things I deleted an e-mail from a local pastor from a place that I did not think was legit. I felt like I had hit someone by doing that. I have turned to God’s word to learn about his spirit and how it works in our life.

What I have learned through this is we are at war with ourselves for our sin nature is one that rebels against God. Yet by his grace we are forgiven. My ignorance has been exposed and answers from God came in his time not mine. I do not count this as a set back but rather growing pains as he transforms me by his spirit. I am humbled that he has chosen to teach me. Still I ask why me with limited intelligence and being 53 would he be doing this ? It is out of love plain and simple. He proved that by willingly dieing on the cross for my sins. He did the hard part. I will follow.

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