How do You Explain the Manifestations of the Holy Spirit?


The fruit of manifestations: is seen in the lives of believers. They are greater intimacy with God; impartations of love, peace, joy and the fear of God; freedom from bondages (fear, anger, bitterness, pain, lust, etc.); physical healings and emotional healing; empowering for ministry (healing the sick, prophesying, intercession, etc.); refreshment. This leads to more evangelism.

Enlarging of spiritual capacities: inner bondages overcome, tenderized emotions, empowering for ministering to others, impartations of love, peace, joy, sensitized to receive more prophetic impressions, the fear of the Lord, “pain killer” as the Spirit does a deep work on the heart, etc.

Manifestation as signs: God sometimes uses a manifestation as a sign to others so that we will pay attention to what the Spirit is saying. When the Spirit gives signs, we ask what that specific sign means. How is the Spirit using it to build up the Church? The signs point to our need for a deeper connection with the Spirit. Manifestations, healing, and other spiritual signs are like a billboard that declares that God is working. A manifestation is a sign only if it signifies something that helps spread the gospel and builds up the kingdom or the lives of people.


Manifestations are human responses to encountering God’s immediate presence. Manifestations are a physical or emotional response to the Spirit’s activity rather than being directly caused by the Spirit. People react to the presence of the Spirit in a similar way to how they react to touching an electric wire! When our all-powerful God touches our weak human frame it impacts us physically, emotionally, and spiritually. For example, falling under the power of the Spirit occurs when our physical control is temporarily suspended by encountering the Holy Spirit.

When God touches the natural world there is often a reaction that is “super” or “above” nature— it is supernatural. Our frail bodies are sometimes powerfully affected by God’s presence. The glory of God affects the physical body beyond its capabilities with spiritual encounters resulting in strange physical behavior. Physical manifestations occur when God increases the release of His manifest presence.

Martyn Lloyd-Jones said: “The Holy Spirit affects the whole person. Man is body, soul, and spirit, and we cannot divide these. Man reacts as a whole. It is folly to expect that he can react in the realm of the spiritual without anything at all happening to the rest of him, to the soul, and to the body. These phenomena are indications of the fact that a very powerful stimulus is in operation, that the very physical frame is involved.” He argued that such strange phenomena are a means that God uses to get our attention. God shakes us to wake us up (Eph. 5:14).

John Wimber: When warm and cold fronts collide, violence ensues: thunder and lightning, rain or snow, even tornadoes or hurricanes. There is conflict, and a resulting release of power that can be disorderly and messy and difficult to control.

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