A Nation Dying without God

It is interesting that our founders, while writing the Constitution took time to fast and pray. That for over 200 yrs our nation many times prayed as a nation at the request of the President. That the schools used the ‘New England Primer’ as their text book for many yrs and this book was all about Jesus Christ and the Bible was the text book for most of this nations history. Congress has opening prayer and always has.

In recent years so many have worked so hard to hide this heritage, even to the point of out right lies and the population of this nation just go along with the lies. Now that we are pushing God out of this country, nature abhors a vacuum and now we have a new god called Socialism filling the void. The Constitution is becoming null and void, because as our founders have said, the Constitution was written for a Godly nation and we are no longer that nation and the Constitution can no longer work here as it once did. We are a dying nation that once was free. We are fast loosing our status as a beacon of freedom to the rest of the world.

We are giving up our freedoms to a Govt to be our nanny and to assure we are taken care of. We have become a nation of whiners that have no guts or drive to be the best. We have realized we can vote money from the nation Treasury and now that we have tasted the blood, we will bankrupt this country and out of our selfish wants and not even care. Our children will not have the same kind of country we did and our soldiers will have died in vain.

We keep saying “2010 and 2012 we will boot them out and save the day”. This is not going to happen and history has proven it out. We may buy a little more time, but thats it. Only 1/3 of the stimulus money has been spent and there is a reason for this. The Obama administration is about to release this money and they will start with the media’s help start talking up the economy and the people will buy it. They will forget the health care bill and this will just keep going on.

Study how Rome fell and we are doing the very same thing. We think we are smarter than they were, but we are not, I even suggest we are not as smart. Technology does not make us any smarter, it actually dumbs us down.

There is hope. We are all sinners and we are all under the judgment of God. God loved us so much and did not want us to perish, so he sent his Son Jesus Christ to die for our sins and God requires us to Repent and believe in Jesus for forgiveness of sins. Do it today, because we do not have much time left. You could die tonight in your sins and then it is too late.

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