The filling of the spirit is so great and powerful

I gave my life to Christ back in the 80′s. That being said i enjoyed God’s great presence and bounty for years till a bad situation shook my very faith and I crumbled as ash to the earth. For over 20 years, try as I might to get back to God, there …

‘Love’ In my eyes

“There is only one happiness in life, to love and be loved.” You can turn this around in so many ways , analyze it , Ponder over it .. A love to a lover or a parent to a child , friends to friends but it always comes out the same. Life ‘is’ love, and [...]

What is, is.

God works in mysterious ways even when you wander away from him for years. That is my case. I became saved in 81. Yet I let a divorce drag me away. i cannot stop the flood waters just as I cannot walk away from God. For one small step I took today brought me right [...]

The Easter Lily

By Irvin Rozier On December 19, 2003, I was missing my parents, who had gone on to be with Jesus.My Dad, Rev. A.J. Rozier, died on December 22, 1966. He was 40 years old and we buried him Christmas day, 1966. My mother, Mary, died on January 7, 2001. She was 71. I woke up [...]

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