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Whose Promised Land?

whose-promised-land is Israel

Does the land of Israel belong to the Jews? Abraham and his descendants lived in Israel for many centuries before Christ. They believe God has promised it to them forever. The United Nations gave the land of Israel to them in 1947. Or does the land belong to the Palestinian Arabs? Their ancestors have been [...]

Whose Holy City?


Three religions have fought over Jerusalem for centuries: Jews honor Jerusalem because its Temple housed the presence of God. Christians come to Jerusalem to worship where Jesus Christ was crucified and raised from the dead. Muslims value the city because of its role in 1,400 years of Islamic history. All three religions feel a strong [...]

Three Views on the Millennium and Beyond


Are these the last days? Could Jesus return at any time to establish his thousand-year reign on earth? What is the nature of Christs millennial kingdom referred to in the book of Revelation? What must happen before Jesus returns, and what does the church play? Three predominant views held by evangelicals seek to answer these [...]

The Ten Commandments for Today


We hear much about the search for virtue and defined morality. Ethics remains at the center of discussion in sports, entertainment, politics, and education as our culture gropes for a comprehensive standard to guide itself through the darkness of the modern age. Very few consider the Bible as the rule o conduct and God has [...]

A Study of Dispensationalism


Early in his Spiritual life, Pink was a Scofield Reference Bible carrying Christian. In fact, the Dictionary of Premillennial Theology notes that “he wrote what is considered the classic work on the end times, The Antichrist. This could easily be called the most complete work on the subject.” Yet around 1929 he began to reject [...]

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