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SermonWorld Monthly sermon subscription service

Monthly sermon subscription

Enjoy a monthly sermon subscription service that will revolutionize the way you do ministry! Imagine always being prepared a month in advance with complete sermon manuscripts and accompanying Powerpoint files, all in relevant, biblically based, series. Your congregation will be blessed as you preach the Word with power, ministering to their needs and equipping them [...]

52 Model Questions For Bible Teachers

Bible Teaching Questions

Great Bible Teachers ask great questions from the Word, about the Word, and for the glory of Jesus.  I’ve surveyed thousands of Bible teachers and everyone agrees that great questions are at the heart of interactive Bible study.  But it’s not easy to ask great questions, consistently, that will help people to learn! Bible teachers [...]

Special Download Edition Of The Hebrew Bible

Tanakh Hebrew Bible

After countless months of effort, we have now produced a high-quality, full-color Special Download Edition of the Hebrew Bible (Tanakh) in PDF format. This is a high-quality, 606-page PDF Hebrew Bible! Here are the main features of this Special Download Edition of the Hebrew Bible: Uses industry-standard PDF format, protecting your investment for the future. [...]

Faith: The Final Frontier

faith the final frontier

This book, titled: Faith: The Final Frontier shows you the history of how it was never about faith, but about trust.. and how trust is the absolute key to opening the door to all things. This 25 page e-book is meant to be concise and give you a full understanding on faith, trust, and how [...]

Teach The Bible To Change Lives.

teachbible ebook

I will show you a simple system for preparing and delivering powerful Bible lessons — a system that has improved the teaching of thousands of people all over the world. It’s a step-by-step process that can be used for any type of lesson, from any part of the Bible, for any students that God provides [...]

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