The Ten Commandments for Today


We hear much about the search for virtue and defined morality. Ethics remains at the center of discussion in sports, entertainment, politics, and education as our culture gropes for a comprehensive standard to guide itself through the darkness of the modern age. Very few consider the Bible as the rule o conduct and God has [...]

Against Dispensationalism: Israel, The Church and Bible Prophecy


Is the Dispensational hermeneutic a literal hermeneutic?  What is the supposed “law of first mention?”  Who is true Israel?  How does one become a Jew?  Was the formation of the “new” state of Israel in 1948 fulfillment of Biblical prophecy? Does the Bible teach that there is a future temple yet to be built?  Has [...]

Demystifying Revelations DVD


DeMar and Gentry tackle the hard questions: Who or what is mystery Babylon? Who or what is the Beast? What is the secret of 666? Are these the last days? The viewer quickly discovers that the most mysterious book of the ages isn’t really so mystifying after all. Divided into four 30-minute segments: Part One-Introduction [...]

Bible Studies For Beginners


Basic Training for Understanding Bible Prophecy (DVD) Running Time, 360 minutes (DVD) In this, Bible studies for Beginners, authoritative 12-part DVD series, Gary DeMar clears the haze regarding end-times themes by explaining in clear language the interpretation of the time texts, The Olivet Discourse, Daniel’s Seventy Weeks, The Book of Revelation, and more! Includes BONUS [...]

Basic Training For Understanding Bible Prophecy


The end is here… again. At every calendar milestone, self-proclaimed modern-day prophets arise to stir up a furor rivaled only by the impending apocalypse they predict. This doom-and-gloom prognostication is not only spread by a few fanatics, but by millions of Christians, including some of the most recognized names in mainstream Christianity. In this authoritative [...]

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