Help Me Oh Lord!

By Cindie York Come quickly, Lord and answer me, for my depression deepens. Don’t turn from me or I will surely die. Show me where to walk that I may not stumble. May Your gracious Spirit lead me forward on firm footing. In Your righteousness, bring me out of this distress and shower me with [...]

I am Special and have a Unique Gift

By Fenny West Prayer (The Gift of God) Father, I thank You that You called me even from my mother’s womb and equipped me for Your service I thank You for the unique gift that You have deposited into this jar of clay. Help me, Lord, to discover this gift acknowledge it, hone it, develop [...]

Pray With Out Ceasing

By Susan Darling There are a great many Christians out there that think, just to pray at night just before you go to bed is all that God wants from us. But the truth of the matter is, He wants our memories all day long. Just in the same manner you think of your lover [...]

A prayer of guidance

By tolulope Oluokun God guide me, Lead my every step, May I not do that which will be displeasing to you. God guide me, Keep me from evil men, May my every step be ordered to where I ought to be. God guide me, Fill me with your will, May my ways be aligned to [...]

“UNIFIED HOUR’S OF PRAYER!” (One Body In Christ Jesus Unified In Prayer)

“UNIFIED HOUR’S OF PRAYER!” 12:00PM & 9:00PM EST. Prayer and Bible Study are equally important, both are extremely important part’s of our relationship with God! I thank and praise God every day for all the many blessing’s in which he bestows upon us. When the temporal things of this world are pulling us away from [...]

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