Solution to the nation’s problems.

Almost everyone is recognizing that we have a problem in the United States. Let me get straight to the point.

Our problem is that Christianity went into the closet in the 60’s and is now looked at as subversive instead of foundational to our freedom.

Sexual immorality came in.
Cheating and corruption became more acceptable.
Greed took precedence over integrity, morals and ethics.
Government can’t control themselves, let alone try to control anyone else.

Our nation has a problem because churches have a problem.
Churches became less involved in the political and public arena.
Some churches went soft on the Gospel in favor of social agendas.
Many Christian are spiritually immature and don’t know it.

The solution is to get back to the Gospel.
Jesus changes people from the inside out.

The Church is the foundation of our nation, Declaration of Independence, Constitution, Bill of Rights, government, judicial system and more. Take Christianity out of America and we will quickly self-destruct into anarchy.

Getting To Know Jesus is a tool to help take the United States back for Christ.
Getting To Know Jesus is a complete Bible study of every event in the life and teachings of Jesus Christ.
Getting To Know Jesus will change people to become more like Christ.
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