Pleasure in God

Going to school for psychology, I just can not get enough of my studies of it. Like anybody else who loves their field, it fascinates me so much to study how each person thinks, and what causes that person to think in that respect. Loving psychology, I study it voraciously.

At the same time, I often find myself lacking when it comes to the study of scripture. I can’t find the time or energy to just pick up my Bible for 15-30 minutes a day to just sit down, study, and spend time with the Lord. Why is that? I love God more than I love psychology, but I find more time to study psychology than I do to spend time with the Creator of the entire universe? The One who came to earth as a lowly human being to save us from our sins, regardless of how undeserving we are?

Psalm 111:2-3 says,
“The works of the Lord are great, studied by all who have pleasure in them. His work is honorable and glorious, and His righteousness endures forever.”
This is a stab in my side because the psalmist just said that if we love God, we will study Him because we find pleasure in Him. How much pleasure do we find in God? Do we just say that we desire God, or do we desire God and seek after him whole-heartedly? Believe it or not, as Christians, we are commanded to enjoy God. This is wonderful and devastating all at the same time. It is wonderful in the fact that we are commanded to do something that we enjoy, but devastating in knowing that our hunger for God will never be satisfied, and that we will always want more.

His work truly is honorable and glorious. God is more faithful than any person you could ever imagine. If God says He is going to do something, He will, and nothing is going to change that. Even if reality bends to His will, God is incapable of being dishonorable. At times, it may be difficult to see God as honorable. As for me, I refuse to subject God’s definition of honor and justice to my finite, sinful perspective of what I think honor and justice should be.

No matter how difficult it gets, we need to have a constant reminder of how much we love God, especially during those times in our lives that we forget. We need to remember that God is honorable and glorious and is more than deserving of our time. When we invest our time into God, it satisfies our desire for Him and pays back in our everyday lives.

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