Method versus Motive

I promise not to bore you with a long drawn out article but I would like to make sure you understand the difference between “Method” and “Motive” when it comes to learning more about handling personal finances. Most people who are just beginning their journey to financial freedom will naturally begin to focus on learning about different methods they can immediately implement to achieve their financial goals.

Anyone can go down to their local bookstore and find multiple isles full of literature on how to put together a good budget and how to get out debt or how to get rich. We all know there’s certainly no shortage of resources or personalities out there who claim to have the secret formula to healing our personal finances. Unfortunately the majority of the resources available primarily focuses on the “Method” of getting your finances in order but lack in the most vital and key ingredient which is “Motive”.

In logical thinking one would most likely need to know why they are doing something before they learn how to do it. Don’t you think? It’s the same concept with our finances. We must first and foremost understand the “Motive” of why we are even trying to manage our finances properly in the first place. What is the sole purpose and reasoning behind what we are trying to accomplish by following a particular method to get out of debt or build wealth.

What I’m trying to relay to you is that it is so very important to align our motive first before even thinking about implementing a method. “There are many in this world that are financially free but there are few who are Truly financially free”. You may ask, what is the difference between being financially free and True financial freedom? It’s quite simple. The difference is the “Motive”.

True financial freedom can only be possessed by someone who has the desire to manage their money God’s way in order to be free from the bondage of debt in order to have resources available to help fund the Great Commission as their “MOTIVE”. If this is not your “MOTIVE” then to put it bluntly everything you are currently doing with your finances is in vain.

The Bible says it best in Mark 8:36 “What good is it for a man to gain the whole world, yet forfeit his soul? “ Dear friends please allow me to challenge you to pause for a brief moment in order to reflect on your motives behind beginning this journey to financial freedom. My prayer is for you to allow the Lord to be the centerpiece of your “MOTIVE” to managing your finances His way because God’s way is the best way. Nobody loves you more than Him. God Bless You!

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