Christ Plays in 10000 Places: A review

Christ Plays in 10,000 Places is a book by Presbyterian pastor and professor, Eugene Peterson. Published in 2005, it recently became available as a free offering on; but it would be well worth the cost of purchase for the freshness of breath it brings to the practice of the faith.

Rev. Peterson, most noted for his work in the production of The Message: The Bible in Contemporary Language, a paraphrase of the Bible, brings his nearly 50 years of experience as a teacher and pastor to bear on the subject of Spiritual Theology. If you think this is going to be beyond comprehension; rest easy, all that it means is the way the Gospel gets applied in our daily attitudes and consequently, daily life. For Evangelicals, it is a call to wholeness and a reminder of the joy of salvation.

Even though the material covers ground that believers have always known, the author makes them all fresh and new by using the Word to shine a light that we don’t always get to see things in. For seekers it is an easily followed introduction to the Biblical, Christian faith, that highlights, Creation, Worship, Service, and Community in the context of living a Christ centered life. It would be a great project between now and Pentecost.

The book is some 350 pages, so I would recommend the audio version if you do not have the time or inclination to actually sit down and read. Christ Plays in 10000 Places is available locally at Family Christian Store

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