Learning To Walk Again

Taking that first step of course is the toughest one to take and as soon as I think I am headed in the right direction I trip. I am finding out that walking in the spirit at times is like learning to walk all over again. I have been tested through events and have learned. [...]

Transformation Of The Spirit

A true transformation. A dear friend passed about 2 weeks ago. A great man of God. Now as I sat in a Catholic church, listening and hearing what was going on I sensed something familiar. There was no sorrow only peace. I was familiar with a presence I had not been with in years. It [...]

What is, is.

God works in mysterious ways even when you wander away from him for years. That is my case. I became saved in 81. Yet I let a divorce drag me away. i cannot stop the flood waters just as I cannot walk away from God. For one small step I took today brought me right [...]

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