All I own is trash

This is about homeless children. While on a visit to a children’s home (orphanage) in central Texas. I spent some time with a group of children 5 to 9 years old. A house father shared this story. When the children come here I spend extra time with them and when we look at what they [...]

The Distributed Homeless System

If one person out of twenty did one small thing to accommodate the homeless of their community, most homelessness would be eliminated! The Distributed Homeless System is a concept that recruits thousands of people spread throughout our communities to take on a small part of the homelessness challenge. Unlike government-based solutions that solve nothing, DHS [...]

Its Not Too Late

While at the hospital with my 84 year old father in law (Clint). Clint had a stroke 3 years ago and his health has challenged him lately. My wife of 35 years (Mary Ann) left the room.  I asked Clint do you know that its time to pray and ask Jesus into your heart? He [...]

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